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Train with purpose, play with pride.

The Greg Grant Basketball & Training Center in Michigan is home to everything you need to get to your next level. Whether its simply wanting to improve your strength and conditioning, form a basketball team, or make the starting 5, we have what you need to gain that competitive advantage in sports.

Enhance your sports talent with personal and group basketball training, sports camps, clinics, fitness equipment, and basketball leagues with official sized NBA courts for aspiring athletes and fan friendly space to enjoy your athlete in action.




Seize the opportunity to learn philosophies and fundamentals from a professional basketball player.

Greg Grant
Youth basketball leagues Michigan

The world class quality that Greg Grant Basketball represents is magnified throughout this 30,000 square foot training facility located in Michigan.

Official sized NBA courts in Michigan

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Frequently asked questions

A house team is made up of players that register with us individually, or with a small group. An open team is a team that registers all its players as a complete team, with a coach.

You can find, book, change, and cancel any of our sessions at the following link:

If you are on a house team practices are scheduled based on gym time availability and the coach’s schedule. Practices are an hour long and take place once a week. You will find out your practice time when you are assigned to a team and a coach. Open teams do not get a practice time with our facility, but can rent the gym for a discounted price of $50 per hour, or half a court for $25 per hour.

We only post the first week’s schedule at the very beginning of the league. After we have a chance to view all the teams and their skill levels, we then create the remainder of the league schedule. This is our way of tailoring the schedule so the teams are matched up appropriately. The playoff games will not be scheduled until the regular league games are finished because we need to see where the teams finish to create the playoff schedule.

This varies on several factors. All teams are different. Cost will depend on how often you practice and where, how many tournaments and what type of tournaments your team does, and if your coach is being paid for his time. There are also additional costs like uniforms and individual training (aside from team training in practices). Many teams do fundraisers, and some teams get sponsors. Remember the total cost does not include your travel expenses for tournaments, like hotel costs, food, gas, etc.

For Full FAQ’s, please refer to the League/Training/AAU Pages


**Please make sure all players register individually for the correct season as well. Once the registration is complete, we will move them to your roster

Training Registration

– Reservations are required for all sessions to control the number of participants, we only take so many! You can find all of our training offerings by clicking the button below.

If a session is full and you’d like to get on a waitlist you can email [email protected]

Please email [email protected] for availability and to make a reservation for a one on one session with Coach Greg Grant.

Please email [email protected] for availability and to make a reservation for a one on one session with Coach Tim Radlick

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