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Welcome to the Greg Grant Basketball Club website.

Do you have the drive and passion to be the best, and compete with and against the best? The Greg Grant Basketball Club provides organized and structured AAU club teams, grades 3 thru 11, for serious boy and girl basketball players looking for a competitive outlet.

Schedule commitments vary across teams, but often involve combinations of league and tournament play at younger grade levels, to teams that travel to local and national exposure events dedicated to giving players opportunities for exposure to NCAA colleges and universities.

Explore the site for all your Club resources. See what players from GGBC have received college scholarships, aim high and follow in their footsteps.

AAU Teams

The Greg Grant Basketball Club is one of the largest clubs in Michigan, and at one time has had as many as 40 teams, ages 3rd through 12th grade, both boys and girls. Greg Grant Basketball Club provides the infrastructure for the club, while coaches and/or team managers control the practice and tournament schedules, financing, and skill development of their team. The Greg Grant Basketball & Training Center is “Home” to all our teams, where many teams and players are involved in training and leagues year-round to stay in shape and further develop their skills.

The Greg Grant Basketball Club

The Greg Grant Basketball Club was established in late 2008 by the director of the original Shock AAU Club known for its world class organization and support to its teams. Many of the same coaches from the original club remain today providing direction and advice for our teams.

We provide an organized and structured club outlet for both boys and girls to learn and succeed within the game of basketball. The system developed by Coach Grant is taught by many of our coaches. Each player has the opportunity to accomplish their goals by combining actual “Small Group Training” with Coach Grant and using those skills in their team practices and games. Many of our coaches also take part in learning the “Coaching System” so as they progress with their teams they will be better educated to develop the most competitive teams possible while promoting good sportsmanship and ethical behavior from all involved including players, coaches, parents and fans…

By following the system and being part of the club each player will enhance their basketball opportunities to play at many levels, middle school, high school or in college depending on their goals.

The Greg Grant Basketball Club is a Non-Profit Corporation.

Your donations to the GGBC qualify for the 501(c)3 deduction.

To make a donation, please contact [email protected]

The Greg Grant Basketball Club Michigan

Founder and Consultant: Mike Boening

Club Director: Tracy Fuerst

Board of Directors:

Ron Chriss

Chris Kavanagh

Eric Reno

Cindy Rodriguez

Karl Wightman

Frequently asked questions

Traditional AAU seasons are as follows:
3rd-6th Grade Boys & Girls – December to April/May.
7th & 8th Grade Girls – October to beginning of May.
7th & 8th Grade Boys – January to beginning of May.
9th-12th Grade Boys & Girls – March to end of July.

Many AAU teams, or the core players of that AAU team, play in leagues year-round to keep training and improve. There are also random tournaments for AAU teams offered year-round, but attendance can be low or you will not play against the strongest AAU teams.

This varies on several factors. All teams are different. Cost will depend on how often you practice and where, how many tournaments and what type of tournaments your team does, and if your coach is being paid for his time. There are also additional costs like uniforms and individual training (aside from team training in practices). Many teams do fundraisers, and some teams get sponsors. Remember the total cost does not include your travel expenses for tournaments, like hotel costs, food, gas, etc.

Yes. Those arrangements are made by parents at their own discretion.

Twice a week during the season.

Tournaments are on weekends. They can be Friday through Sunday, or just Saturday, or just Sunday. Tournaments are offered every weekend during AAU season, however teams will try to do something every other weekend or three weekends a month.

No. AAU is extremely competitive and playing time is not guaranteed.

Yes. Open gyms are very important for learning about what type of team you are trying out for. You also may be able to get questions answered regarding plans for the team you’re trying out for.

Open gyms give you an opportunity to see what is being offered by the club. For instance, how many teams they will have, who are the coaches, and what the skill level is of the other athletes trying out. Tryouts are conducted the same way as open gyms except you will find out who is on the team(s) at the end of the tryout.

Yes. $5 for open gyms. $10 for tryouts.

If you make the team, yes, you will need to register for an AAU card.

The coach or the team manager will give you instructions on how to do so. Some teams will register for you and the cost is rolled into your team costs.

This depends on the team. Some teams do local tournaments and only travel as far as Grand Rapids, Lansing, or Flint. Other teams venture a little farther and will go to Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. Higher-Level exposure teams will go to Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, or wherever the higher level exposure events are offered.

9th Grade and up is when the teams will start doing exposure events. College coaches rarely look closely at 9th graders, however, if you stand out you will be put on lists to watch in the future. Most college recruiting happens at the tournaments in the summer going into his/her senior year.

We have a program that teaches our 9th grade and up athletes on exposure teams (players wanting to play in college) how to aggressively and appropriately be recruited.


**Please make sure all players register individually for the correct season as well. Once the registration is complete, we will move them to your roster

Training Registration

NOTE: A lot of our normal offerings are on pause due to COVID. We hope to get them running back to normal as soon as possible! In the meantime, we are primarily offering one-on-one trainings

If a session is full and you’d like to get on a waitlist you can email [email protected]

Please email [email protected] for availability and to make a reservation for a one on one session with our current One-on-One Coaches. Please note if you’re looking for a specific coach, or any!

Questions and Inquiries