The Greg Grant Basketball Club was established in late 2008 by the director of the original Shock AAU Club known for its world class organization and support to its teams. Many of the same coaches from the original club remain today providing direction and advice for our teams.

We provide an organized and structured club outlet for both boys and girls to learn and succeed within the game of basketball. The system developed by Coach Grant is taught by many of our coaches. Each player has the opportunity to accomplish their goals by combining actual “Small Group Training” with Coach Grant and using those skills in their team practices and games. Many of our coaches also take part in learning the “Coaching System” so as they progress with their teams they will be better educated to develop the most competitive teams possible while promoting good sportsmanship and ethical behavior from all involved including players, coaches, parents and fans…

By following the system and being part of the club each player will enhance their basketball opportunities to play at many levels, middle school, high school or in college depending on their goals.

Founder and Consultant: Mike Boening

Club Director:  Tracy Fuerst

Board of Directors:

Ron Chriss

Chris Kavanagh

Eric Reno

Cindy Rodriguez

Karl Wightman

The Greg Grant Basketball Club is a Non-Profit Corporation.

Your donations to the GGBC qualify for the 501(c)3 deduction.

To make a donation, please contact [email protected]