What does Primary and Secondary days mean?

Primary is the day your games will most likely be scheduled.  Secondary day is a day we have reserved for make-up games or over-flow games.

What is a house team, and what is an open team?

A house team is made up of players that register with us individually, or with a small group.  An open team is a team that registers all its players as a complete team, with a coach.

When are practices?

If you are on a house team practices are scheduled based on gym time availability and the coach’s schedule.  Practices are an hour long and take place once a week.  You will find out your practice time when you are assigned to a team and a coach. Open teams do not get a practice time with our facility, but can rent the gym for a discounted price of $50 per hour,  or half a court for $25 per hour. /expand]

Who coaches the teams?

We have coaches that are trained to coach the house teams.  Most of our coaches coach in every league, so it’s possible for them to get to know the players well, and most of the teams return league after league. You can request a specific coach if you have one you prefer.

Do players need to try out?

No.  Everyone is placed on a team regardless of skill level.  However, house teams are created based on a balance of players’ skills and height.

When does the full schedule come out, or how does scheduling work?

We only post the first week’s schedule at the very beginning of the league.  After we have a chance to view all the teams and their skill levels, we then create the remainder of the league schedule.  This is our way of tailoring the schedule so the teams are matched up appropriately.  The playoff games will not be scheduled until the regular league games are finished because we need to see where the teams finish to create the playoff schedule.

Are there playoffs?

Yes.  Playoffs are two games at the end of the league. It’s single elimination, and even if you lose the first game, you will still play a consolation game. The two playoff games count as part of the 10 games total.

Only eight games are scheduled – I registered for ten.

Only the first eight games can be scheduled, and playoffs count as the last two.  When the first eight games are concluded we can then create the playoff schedule because we have to see where the teams finish.

The playoffs have my team with a 1st round bye, what if we lose? Do we get another game?

In brackets with more than 4 teams,  one or more teams will receive a 1st round bye. Because of the bye, consolation games aren’t setup for the bye teams because they are so situational and rare. With that said, there’s a chance you can play only one game on playoff day

What do players wear for the leagues?

Players have to wear a reversible jersey with a light and dark side, and numbers on the back and front.  A player can wear a jersey of his own, or he can purchase one of our house jerseys we have for sale for $30. Our house jerseys are good for all of our leagues going forward.  Players need to wear gym shoes, and can wear whatever type of shorts they prefer.

What do the winners receive?

Winners get a Greg Grant Basketball Champions Shirt.  A picture is also taken and posted on our “league champs” page on our website.

How do you communicate with us regarding changes in the schedule?

If a change is made within 24 hours phone calls are made and an email is sent.  If the change is made more than 24 hours in advance, an email is sent.

What if I am not getting your emails?

Please check the spam or junk folder for your email.  If you still do not see it, please call our facility and speak with a league director so we can make sure we have the correct information.  Email communication is very important so you are kept aware of practices and games and any changes that happen.

I just registered for the first time. When will I hear from you next, or what do we do next?

You will get an email with a placement/practice date.  This is an hour long session.  The first half hour we will place you on a team and you will meet your coach.  For the last half hour you will have your first practice.  You should also learn the day of the week and time that your regular practices are held.

I will not be able to play in one of our games. How should I handle this?

Please tell your coach so he can be prepared with enough players for the game.