Small Group Training FAQs

How do I register for a training session?

You can find, book, change, and cancel any of our sessions at the following link: https://greggrantbasketball.as.me/

How much do the small group sessions cost?

$15 per session for the Fundamentals Clinics (younger kids).
$30 per session for Shooting Clinics, Attacking the Basket Clinics and Post Clinics.

Do many students do multiple sessions in one day?

Yes. It is common for a student to register for two or even three sessions all in the same day.

Are there packages for small group training available?

No. We sell the training sessions individually. Kids’ schedules are too hectic to lock-in a series of dates. This way you sign up for and attend whatever sesssions you prefer to register for.

What if I have to cancel?

If you have a reservation and have to cancel, there is no cost within 24 hours of the session so the spot in the session can be filled. This can be handled yourself by logging in at: https://greggrantbasketball.as.me/

When or how do I pay?

Payment is made at the time of the reservation, which can be handled at: https://greggrantbasketball.as.me/

Can I drop my son/daughter off and return after the sessions to pick them up?

Yes. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the sessions, or leave and return at the end of the session.

Does Coach Grant train the sessions?

Yes, Coach Grant trains in most clinics, and has developed the training methods and drills involved. The students are split up into two groups based on age and ability, and Coach Grant takes one group, and an assistant takes the other. Halfway through the session they rotate coaches.

Why are training sessions only scheduled a month ahead of time, or in increments?

Sessions are offered year-round. We can only schedule training dates a month at a time because of the changing league schedules.

Do the days and times of training change?

Yes. Sessions are scheduled around the league schedule, so session days and times may differ from month to month.

Can I talk with Coach Grant after or before training?

Yes. However, it would be best to let one of his assistants know you have that request because he only has a small amount of time in between sessions. The best time to talk with him is after all his sessions are finished.

Can the parent(s) sit in and watch the one-on-one session?

Yes. Coach Grant prefers you watch and listen so the athlete can have support to continue to work on the things Coach Grant teaches him.

What is the skill level of the students in the sessions?

All skill levels attend these sessions. We separate the skill levels into two or three groups so the students get more individual and specialized attention.

One-On-One Training FAQs

How do I set up a one-on-one training session with Coach Grant?

You have to email [email protected], or call 586-795-0186 to make an appointment. We will try to work around your schedule, and let you know what availability Coach Grant has.

What is the cost of a one-on-one with Coach Grant?

$100 per hour.

When do I pay?

At the time of the session.

Can the parent(s) sit in and watch the one-on-one session?

Yes. Coach Grant prefers you watch and listen so the athlete can have support to continue to work on the things Coach Grant teaches him.

Will Coach Grant be able to talk with the parent(s) after the session?

Yes, parents or the athlete should briefly talk with Coach Grant before the training session so the goals of the training are understood.  After the session, Coach Grant will be able to give you feedback regarding the athlete’s abilities and recommendations going forward with training. He will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

Can I tell Coach Grant what specifically we want to work on?

Yes. This session is about what specifically you want to see improvement on and what the athlete’s goals are.

Will Coach Grant watch my son/daughter play in a league game at the facility to give us feedback on what he needs to improve?

Yes, however it is done in conjunction with training sessions.