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Tim Radlick

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Tim Radlick, a 24 year old college Athletic Training graduate from Grand Valley State University, understands the work ethic and competitiveness it takes to succeed in sports as well as life. A speed, strength, and agility trainer, whom utilizes the knowledge of how the body works at all ages in order to help your child perform at the highest levels.

Tim has been competing and excelling in sports since the age of 6 including football, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse. He was a graduate from Brother Rice High School that played in one of the toughest and most consistent leagues in high school basketball.  In his four years of playing at the school, Tim participated in a share of the Catholic League Title his Junior season, as well as two District Championships which were the first time in over 12 years for the school.

The passion for the game, coaching, and training athletes allows Tim to get close with his athletes and help them strive to reach their goals. The workouts and techniques build progression in areas such as running form, straight-line speed, speed development, lateral quickness, explosion, plyometrics, and core strength.

Tim is an employee at Greg Grant Basketball  who not only works with speed and agility, but also does  one-on-one basketball training sessions, teaches clinics with Coach Grant,  teaches the fundamental training clinics, and also coaches house teams.  Being an assistant coach at Brother Rice High School has allowed Tim to work with all ages and help young athletes perform at a high level.